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Child Support


Paul B. Schaub – Cheyenne County Attorney

Brenda Blanke – Child Support Enforcement Worker

The Cheyenne County Attorney’s Office assists with the enforcement of child support orders.  General information to frequently asked questions is listed below.  For further information regarding child support related issues, please call Brenda Blanke at 308-254-6060 or you can locate detailed information online at Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Children and Family Services.

Child Support Enforcement
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Children & Family Services

Child Support Enforcement

PO Box 94728

Lincoln, NE 68509-4728

(402) 441-8715 or (877) 631-9972


Applying for Services

Provided Services:

·       Locating parents

·       Establishing paternity

·       Establishing Court Orders for Child Support

·       Establishing Court Orders for Medical Support

·       Enforcing child, spousal and medical support orders

·       Modifying Child Support Orders (Upon Request)


Who can apply:

·       Custodial parent

·       Non-custodial parent

·       Legal guardian

·       Child


Establishing an Order

To create a Support Order, the child support agency needs some basic information such as:

·       Names of parents and children

·       Social Security Numbers

·       Addresses

·       Phone Numbers

·       Income of Parents


To Apply for Child Support Services complete the Child Support Application or contact the Nebraska Child Support Customer Service Center at 1-877-631-9973, Option 2, to request a paper application.  You can also stop by the Cheyenne County Attorney’s Office at 1212 Jackson St., Sidney, NE to pick up an application.

Payment Center

The collection and payment of child support in Nebraska is centralized in the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center (NCSPC), as a result of the federal Welfare Reform Act of 1994.  Payments can be made online by accessing the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center or by calling (877) 631-9973.

Request for Review

There may be times when the amount of support ordered should be modified.  When a case is reviewed, the support ordered amount may stay the same, increase or decrease based upon the new information.  To apply for a Review and Modification, you need to complete the Review and Modification Application or call Nebraska Child Support Customer Service Center at (877) 631-9973, Option 2, to request a paper application.

The Court Order will be reviewed for referral to the County/Authorized Attorney If:

·      The Order is for current support;

·      The Order is an active Nebraska Order;

·      The Order is not a tribal order;

·      The Order is not an order registered for income withholding only;

·      At least one party resides in Nebraska;

·      The courts of Nebraska have the legal authority to modify the Support Order;

·      The current Order for Support is at least three years old;

·      The Order has not been reviewed by the Department in the last three years (an Order may be reviewed after one year if             it was not referred for a modification because financial circumstances had not lasted for at least 3 months and were not           expected to last for an additional month);

·      The youngest child in the Order will not turn 19 within the next 12 months;

·      The location of all parties involved is known;

·      The request does not include a request to modify spousal support, custody or visitation; AND

·      All requested information has been provided.


Income Withholding

Income withholding is the most effective way to collect child support. It is a federally required.

Credit Reporting

Past due support over $500 will be reported to credit reporting agencies.

License Suspension

These privileges may be suspended if more than three months of past due support is owed:

·       Driver’s License (including CDL);

·       Recreational (hunting, fishing, etc.); and

·       Professional

Tax Refund Intercept

A parent’s tax refund may be seized if child support payments are at least three months past due support and more than $500 owed.

Passport Denial

A parent’s passport may be withheld when more than $2,500 of past due support is owed.  Once a parent’s passport is withheld, Nebraska law requires the parent to pay the balance to zero to have passport privileges restored. 

Court Enforcement

The court may order: 

·       Payment compliance;

·       Fine; and/or

·       Jail Time